Wedding Party

We have decided not to have a traditional "Best Man" or "Maid of Honor". Everyone in the wedding party is special to us and it didn't feel right to single anyone out.

Beth Little: Beth is Tom's sister, and the Mom of all the wonderful nieces and nephews in the party. 

Trish Girouard: Trish is one of Jen's closest friends, and fortunately is married to one of Tom's groomsmen!

Sophia Makund: Sophia is one of Jen's close friends in the Bay area that's had the responsibility of trying to keep Jen sane during all the wedding planning.

Junior Bridesmaid: Kiera Little.  Kiera is Tom's niece and an amazing gymnast; hopefully she'll do some back-flips down the aisle.

Flower Girl: Bryn Little. Bryn is the resident Princess, wedding planner, and also Tom's niece.


Zach Davis: Zach is Jen's "little" brother.

Chris Fuller: Chris is another San Diegan, and dear friend that tolerated both Tom and Taz during the San Diego fires.

Richard Girouard: Rich is very important to both Jen and Tom, and we're happy he married someone awesome who's also in the wedding!
Usher: Connor Little. Connor is Tom's nephew, brilliant with video games, and most sports.

Ring Bearer: Ryan Little. Ryan Tom's nephew.  He's also an excellent rock climber and Jedi Master, so we're not sure if he's going to carry the rings or simply float them down the aisle.

We are so touched and honored to have each and every one of you there with us for the wedding!!!